The year is 3000. Soon, Earth will be unable to sustain life as we know it. With a new government, a parallel universe, and a desire to survive against all odds, the quest for a new planet to call home is on.

One of the four scouters, Tally leaves behind her parents to go on a space mission to give them all a fighting chance, but just as she’s about to board the ship, her friend delivers a warning that all isn’t as it seems.

Bash, commandant of Homeward, the ship on path to Earth 2 and humanity’s last hope, believes in the United Monarchy and what they stand for, so, when they give him a team of misfits for civilization’s most important mission, he trusts they know what they are doing. But when the quest goes awry, things get far more complicated than he expects.

Bash and Tally must put their differences aside to save their team and create a new world full of hope. Will the heat rising between them make them stronger, or will they combust?