Focus On Us (Wood Violet Romance #2)

Unlike her name suggests, Morgan Valentine, hasn’t found true love yet. When her life-long crush moves back to town, hotter than ever, she is torn. Here’s her opportunity to finally tell her best friend’s brother how she really feels about him, but self-conscious about her body, does she even stand a chance with such a gorgeous man? Maybe it’s better to take the safe route and keep her feelings to herself.

Returning to Wood Violet wasn’t something photographer Evan Hollins had planned on, but when his baby sister sends him an invitation to her wedding, he packs up and heads home without a second thought. Seeing Morgan stirs up old feelings he believed long gone, especially since sleeping his way through Europe was his way of forgetting about her. As his sister’s best friend, she’s always been off limits, but they’re adults now, and he doesn’t know how much longer he can pretend she doesn’t affect him.

A meddling mother, crazy wedding plans, a made-up job offer threaten to keep Morgan and Evan apart, but if they can focus on each other and put everything else aside, they may just get their shot.