Hope Again (Love Again Collection)

Two-time divorcee, Paisley Sweetin has lost all hope of ever finding her perfect match. For some reason, it seems she is only attracted to men destined to be criminals. One bad choice after another has her seeking solitude in small town, Pleasant Valley. Ginger Snaps, her grandma’s diner, is the perfect place to start over.

Declan McClure has always dreamed of owning and running his own restaurant. When prime realty is auctioned off for a steal in a couple towns over, he doesn’t hesitate to turn that dream into reality. After all, there would be no better way to honor his deceased brother.

Both believe Main Street isn’t big enough for two restaurants to thrive. Paisley will not let her attraction to her rival take away everything her grandma has ever worked for. Not only is she ready to send the competition packing she’s determined to serve Declan his just desserts.