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Naturally Enchanted is now available in ebook and paperback!

March 29, 2015 - Author: Christy Newton

Naturally Enchanted Cover

I am so happy to announce that my paranormal romance, Naturally Enchanted, was released by Crimson Romance on May 25, 2015!

Soul mates collide. An evil lurks. Time to accept who she is before its too late.

Island herbalist, Ezra Ravenhart has lived with the rumors of her family’s witchcraft her whole life. She’ll admit, her grana’s a little … eccentric, but not a witch. It isn’t until she finds herself love struck that she holds any truth to the accusations. All Ezra ever wanted was to feel the magic of love, but a man had yet to give her that mystical feeling. No man except handsome Owen Cooper, the big lying jerk from Chicago.

Owen is a struggling journalist trying to make a name for himself. When he hears about a real life witch living on Mango Cove Island, it may just be the story of a lifetime he’s after. The island can be a dangerous place for outsiders, so after Owen gets hurt, Ezra may be the only person that can heal him. Undercover as a ship-wrecked tourist, he finds that witch or not, Ezra has him under her spell.



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Upcoming Release! September 18th!

August 23, 2014 - Author: Christy Newton

I can’t wait for you to meet Julianna and Reid in my newest romantic suspense, Protecting the Enemy! Cover reveal for Protecting the Enemy will be here Sept. 4th! For now, I leave you with the blurb:

Julianna Fox was made for her job. Or so she is told. The only memory Julianna has of her past is after the explosion. She was a nameless victim until a man pulled her out of the darkness and gave her new life. A new purpose, because anything is better than being no one. When she is about to eliminate her next mark something stops her. The moment Julianna makes eye contact with Reid Castleton, she has a flashback of her forgotten past. How does she know the man? And why can’t she follow through with her assignment?

Expert assassin, Reid Castleton, has been told to kill the only woman he ever loved if he wants to live. When he finds his fiancée, he can’t go through with the hit, even if it means losing his own life. Either she can’t remember who she is or is damn good at acting.

Neither one knows who to trust. Both make a truce until they can find out why the leader of ETE 7 wants them both dead. What they uncover is a long line of lies and deception that started the moment Julianna was conceived. Will love conquer all or will fear make them do the unthinkable?

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August 2, 2014 - Author: Christy Newton






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