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    Why I write

    I believe in love. I love, love. Everyone is out there looking for their soulmate, their other half, their person-if they haven’t found them already. I enjoy creating realistic characters who are easy to fall in love with. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a book, and open the page to your next love story. XOXO Christy

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    Updated website and my newest books in the works.

    I finally got around to giving my website a new look. Hope you like it as much as I do. Since my last post I have finished two books. The first is a sci-fi romance and the other is a small town romance which will be the first in a series. Hope to have both books released by the end of this year.

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    I am excited to announce that I have just signed my 3rd contract with Crimson Romance. This August, they will be releasing my paranormal set in London, Eternal Paths!

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    New books in the works!

    I’m excited to tell you that I have finished a paranormal romance that should be released this year! Also, I am currently writing the third book in my Love Again Collection. Begin Again and Trust Again fans will love it! Doing my best to release that one this year as well. Stay tuned!

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    Newest Release!

    Being sixteen is hard enough without Elin Skye pretending to be a new person over and over again. On the run with her mom from a psycho stepdad, who happens to be a deputy sheriff, her life sucks. She’s determined to sever Wyatt’s hold on them even if it means breaking all the rules. Sawyer Knight’s summer is doomed when he’s unjustly grounded and must stay with his pain in the ass older brother to earn back his parents’ trust. Things start turning around when he meets a pretty but odd girl trying to kill a vending machine. After Sawyer learns the truth about Elin he has to help her…

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    Naturally Enchanted is now available in ebook and paperback!

    I am so happy to announce that my paranormal romance, Naturally Enchanted, was released by Crimson Romance on May 25, 2015! Soul mates collide. An evil lurks. Time to accept who she is before its too late. Island herbalist, Ezra Ravenhart has lived with the rumors of her family’s witchcraft her whole life. She’ll admit, her grana’s a little … eccentric, but not a witch. It isn’t until she finds herself love struck that she holds any truth to the accusations. All Ezra ever wanted was to feel the magic of love, but a man had yet to give her that mystical feeling. No man except handsome Owen Cooper, the…

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